Odoo CMS - a big picture

Who are we ?


  • we are Odoo specicialists in the sens we are working ONLY with Odoo
  • we were the first certified partner in Canada
  • we have happy customers => visit our customer referencecs page on our website
  • based in Montrel, we operate in the entire North America

Marc Cassuto, Arche TI founder, brings more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry, with a focus on ERP systems (accounting modules), designing, implementing and managing SaaS applications and high availibility systems..

Why 'Arch' ? It symbolizes the bridge between your profession and IT. You can focus on your company, your passion and we will deliver all the IT tools you need. «Arch» is also the pillar that will support your IT. We are there for you !

Our Values: we are honest, genuine and  loyal; you know that with us, you'll get the best of an IT partner.

Optimize your business processes with Odoo

Build Stunning Websites

e-Commerce, Website Builder, BlogsBoost Your Sales, SEO...

Boost Your Sales

CRM, POS, emails campaigns, events, survey....

Run Your Business

Stock management, full accounting, WH management, purchases & procurement management...

Delight Your Employees

Employees, recruitment, expenses, appraisal, timesheets...

Our References

Rather than trying to convince you...

We have worked with Marc on an invoicing software dealing with a great volume of transactions. Marc was on paternity leave but despite that I was able to witness Marc's dedication to the project in crucial times (the launch of the system). Marc worked really hard and late at night in stressful situations to sort out post-implementation's problems. This shows that Marc has a great sense of responsibility, something very hard to find nowadays.

JPB, Director

I was lucky to work with Marc on a big scale project. His rigor and punctuality made the projects´s development easy to follow.
Marc has a broad understanding and a deep knowledge of all the project´s aspects (infrastructure, applications...).
He will be a major asset for any team looking for an experienced project manager.

JMD, Analyst

Marc is a trustworthy collaborator even in emergency and last minute situations.
He always comes up with tailor-made solutions for our needs and budget.
More importantly, we were able to build a strong work relationship to tackle efficiently issues and challenges as well as set up a great network/servers architecture.


Marc is a colleague and project manager you can trust, in the good moments, as well as in the less good ones, which is way less common.
Reconcilling business needs with technic and financial requirement, he is always looking at the Sachant intégrer les besoins techniques, métiers et financiers, he is always seeking the adequate solution nfor his customer. 

PA, Open Source Business Developer