We accompany and guide you through your journey

Enable to full potential of Odoo with us

We understand your business needs & constraints in a Odoo implementation. That's why we provide flexibility & proximity throughout a affordable and fast delivery approach.
We are there to guide and accompany you during your transition.

About us

We are Odoo specialist, but more than that, we aim to understand the reality of each partner and ensure the best possible transitionssible.

Company creation

The founder of Arche TI, Marc Cassuto, is in the IT business since 2000. Implementing and working with Odoo pretty much since its inception, he understood the need that every business shared in that kind of journey: accompaniement. Not satisfy with the way this value was currently addressed in the industry, he created Arche TI.

We exist to accompany businesses and their teams so that they can easily enable all the Odoo potential.

Marc Cassuto, Founder & CEO

Why "Arche"?

Arche TI symbolizes two things:

  • the bridge between your business and its IT. We take care of your IT implementation, to allow you focus on your company and customers.
  • the strong pillars that are critical to support any important structure - an ERP is the same thing and we understand that.

We are there to help your business reach its goals, to get safely & confidently to the other side of the river.

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What we bring on the table


We are Odoo specialists. We only work we this technology to enable its full potential


We were the first certified partner in Canada and currently 1st Odoo Ready Partner


Installing a software is easy, creating value from it isn't. See our happy partners testimonials


Serving country wide, but based in Montreal, we offer proximity to our partners

Our offer

whatever the size or industry, our partners get an adapted accompaniement from us

With a problem-solving approach, our skillful team of analysts and developers assist you to get the best value of your Odoo implementation. We offer multiple flexible project management approaches to adapt our service to your context.


While a basic ERP installation usually covers 75% of every business needs, we take into account the non-standard other 25% processes. We offer functionnality creation and customization that that reflect your industry and reality. We try to balance process optimization and function development to achieve the best solution at the best price for you. 

We can also provide hosting solutions, service level agreement, hardware integration, knowledge database management


We are not only Odoo experts with a strong development team, we also make sure to assist people in their change management, which is the hardest part in all implementation. We enable that with a flexible approach to deliver quick results. To unleash the true power of your solution, we provide a tailored training for all your teams.


Odoo is an affordable solution for businesses, so are we! A quality implementation, but for the tight budget of an SME. Our offers takes into account your needs and constraints. We work at your speed and bill accordingly.

We offer competitive pricing on implementation, customization, maintenance and support.


We offer our services to businesses of all sizes. You can now take advantage of the power of a previously inaccessible ERP. Even though you want only few modules and functionnalities, or a full scale entreprise-wide implementation, we'll be able to assist you efficiently.

And much, much more...

Odoo is an incredibly powerful platform with unlimited possibitilies. There's nothing we can't create for you!

There's no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Let us help find out yours today.

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